Work with me

You can request commission work, or hire me for longer projects.
I also welcome remote work for projects that go through several months.
So if you need me for a longer project, such as a game or a book series - I'm in!

My process

Please tell me a little about your project via email to see if it's a good fit: [email protected]

Payment is expected (in €) before work on the piece starts, either via SEPA bank transfer (preferred) or Paypal.

Please read through the Commissions Workflow and Terms of Service carefully.
To reserve a slot I excpect 10% of the payment beforehand.


It's best to discuss the pricing after I know what you want me to paint and what for.
If you want me to work on sketches, portraits, full Illustrations, do a character design, have a long production or if you want me to
paint something with creative freedom and so on.
You can even request originals: oil paintings or sketches.

So please tell me your budget, a general description of what I shall paint and what you will need my work for and we can figure something out!

Pricing also depends on the licencing fees. If you only need the project for private use or if you want to sell it as a product.

You can download my pricing guide here.

Contact me

If you want to hire me, contact me via email at [email protected]